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However I managed to convince her that all her fears were baseless. The next morning was a weekend and I woke up with Hina's nude body on top of me.She was in a very horny mood and she pretty much raped me right there in bed.About a month before the anniversary, we were getting intimate and talking about fantasies and finally she asked me what my ultimate fantasy was.

* It finally happened, after many years of fantasizing on my part and over the years slowly opening up my shy, conservative wife Hina, my ultimate fantasy has finally become fulfilled.

Over the next few days I found a few adult dating websites and emailed a few people who fit the description.

After many email and picture exchanges I narrowed it down to 2 guys whom I agreed to meet at the local mall.

One evening asked her to talk to me about this and to not shy away.

She said it was a nice fantasy but she is not sure if she would want to do it in reality, I asked her why and she gave me a multitude of reasons, from religious reasons, to word getting out to my love for her.

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In the start she said no, it was a once in a lifetime experience, however I became persistent and every once in a while I brought up the topic and told her that we should try something unique again this year.

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  1. He doesn’t think the grass is greener elsewhere, he’s not a workaholic or a playaholic and he appreciates his home. Well, of course, he had to emulate Dad there for a while. Anyway, I’m sure his new wife, Linda Purl, wouldn’t put up with it for as long as I did. A porcelain doll, as sweet inside, apparently, as she is outside—and organized.