Witty icebreakers for online dating

After drinking a few vodka tonics suddenly we’d both turn into these alpha type males that had pissing matches over EVERYTHING.

I mean, if we didn’t agree with who should win Rupaul’s Dragrace we would get into it.

Our strategy seems to be the same in these situations.

Jealously became an emotion that couldn’t be tamed and was used as a weapon to hurt one another.

This wouldn’t be an easy task since our lives had been combined pretty much since the first day we met.

We had to take a couple weeks of just figuring stuff out. We didn’t invite people over and we just stayed home packing, looking for apartments etc.

I think the turning point was when we moved into West Hollywood close to all the bars and clubs.

We had always gone out one or two nights a week, but being so close to everything we found ourselves going out for a drink most night of the week.

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It’s been tough transitioning out of our partying lifestyle but so far its been worth it.

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