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("Hey, Kid") Lucas is hesitant to commit to life with David, but David convinces him to stop hesitating. ("Best Worst Mistake") Liz and Josh have a second son, and Liz begs Josh to skip an offer to do a third tour overseas, and he does.Several years later, Josh receives another request to return overseas, and he cannot refuse.His deputy position was recently filled, but he recommends her for a professorship and she gets the job.Josh introduces his best friend David to Lucas, and they become a couple.("Learn to Live Without") Liz relies heavily on her friends to cope with her loss, but she ultimately comes to terms with life without Josh.

Josh, an Army doctor returning from his second tour of duty, approaches Liz but she politely rebuffs him."Liz" stays in the park with Kate while "Beth" leaves with Lucas, and the remainder of the show depicts two paths that Elizabeth's life could take.("Prologue/What If") Liz hears her phone ring, but she doesn't take the call.She isn't sure if it's the right thing to do, but she decides to take a risk.("Here I Go") Liz later gets in touch with an old friend, Stephen, who works in the city planner's office.

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