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The 33-year-old spoke to Daily Mail Australia about the moments leading up to one of the happiest days of her life. He once exhibited the skeleton of a 'mermaid' (a monkey sewn on to a fish carcass), claimed to have President George Washington's 160-year-old nanny in his ensemble, and routinely exploited black people, the mentally and physically disabled, and deformed - including conjoined twins and a child with dwarfism - in the name of profit.

Pictured are some of his exhibits and Hugh Jackman playing him in The Greatest Showman, top left.

Gordon Pryor, 60, from Mangawhai - between Auckland and Whangarei - let the young man sleep as he kept an eye on him.

Mr Pryor took a few photos of the man and posted them to his local Facebook page (left and right), curious to know if anyone knew his uninvited guest.

But surely not everyone can be as enlightened as cricket WAG Kyly Clarke is about the unwritten rules of this big blue planet we call Earth? Beverley Priestley was forced out of her home of 57 years on Friday, by her eldest son Duncan (pictured together when Duncan was a baby, left).

The answer will no doubt bring some satisfaction to those who watched Hamza make a mockery of British justice during his eight-year battle against extradition.

If he could, Hamza would return to complete his sentence at Belmarsh (Britain's most secure prison, where he previously served seven years) 'in a second', say his lawyers.

A 36-year-old man (pictured) has been charged after he was allegedly caught attempting to kidnap a little girl from the back of a parked car (right).

This list explains what your doctor is really saying, and how it could hurt your health care.

A New Zealand man woke on Saturday morning to find a stranger on his couch.

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The 30-year-old was discovered at Odins Square in the early hours of the morning and was taken to hospital with spinal and abdominal injuries, where he later died, according to the ABC.

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