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Health services are expected to gradually return to normal over the next few days, however some continued disruption is likely.

ESB Networks has restored power to 216,000 homes and businesses in the last 24 hours — about 60% of the 385,000 homes and businesses without power on Monday.

There was significant clean-up progress in the Centre Park Road area where up to 30 historic trees, some over a century old, dating from the time Henry Ford established his first factory outside the US in the area, were knocked by Monday’s ferocious winds.

Their massive root systems ripped up tarmac and pavement, leaving gaping 15ft craters along one of the main access routes to the region’s flagship GAA stadium.

The news emerged last night as members of the Defence Forces — with specialist chainsaw skills — were deployed to help clear some of the city areas worst hit by Monday’s unprecedented hurricane-force winds.

[social=twitter]https://twitter.com/defenceforces/status/920604834084028416[/social[ They tackled fallen trees on Inchigaggin Lane and are due to focus their attention in some of the city’s parks, including Fitzgerald’s Park and Kennedy Park today.

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This shelter, combined with the effects of the gulf stream and the unique configuration of Glengarriff Harbour results in a unique micro climate in which an amazing range of exotic species flourish.

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