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As an adult, O’Neill became a union organiser, a good friend of Communist Labor Party of America founder John Reed and an even better friend of Reed’s wife.

Martin Marquez as Nat is the solid centre of Ah, Wilderness around which Janie Dee excels as his good wife trying to hold the household together.

Over the objections of local environmentalists, Vail was about to add almost 1,000 acres of new skiing terrain and twelve miles of roads in the last known habitat of the mountain lynx, a reclusive animal that hadn't been sighted in the Rockies for twenty years.

Avalon was going to save the lynx, if it still existed, by making a statement that no one could ignore. M., as a few snowflakes fell, Avalon and the three or four other members of his cell who were on the mountain watched as hundreds of gallons of vegan jello burst into flames.

Meanwhile, a ghostly figure played by David Annen haunts much of the proceedings.

He never speaks but symbolically clutches a bottle of bourbon or beer in one hand.

He slyly inserts himself into this play in the form of the teenage Richard Miller, an idealistic and outspoken youth with the revolutionary zeal of a dozen Russell Brands.

It was a moonless night on the mountain at Vail, and in his black clothes Bill Rodgers imagined he was nearly invisible.

With his red hair, pale complexion and delicate features, he looked more like a computer nerd than a revolutionary intent on hastening the collapse of the "ecocidal empire," as he and his fellow members of the ELF like to call America.

Few knew his real name — he went by Avalon, which came from a novel about matriarchal pagans fighting the oppressive forces of phallocentric Christianity.

In this world, women are simple, forgiving and fickle creatures there to serve any menfolk they are lucky enough to have in their lives. Inspired by a Namibian ghost town, the action takes places around what starts out as a simple sandy beach below giant doorways.

And O’Neill isn’t even done there with imprinting himself onto this tale. Later, the beach is convincingly turned into other locations like a dining room, a bar and a water pool with the sand acting as a physical metaphor for the shifting nature of the Miller family dynamics.

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The flame from the matches would ignite a road flare or a gas-soaked sponge, which in turn would set off a five-gallon plastic bucket filled with a mix of diesel and gas — a concoction Rodgers liked to call "vegan jello." When the timers went off, the entire mountain would go up in smoke.

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