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One of my article contributions found its way into "Vampires: In Their Own Words" and I was recently featured on FOX's Hannity's America - Beyond Belief (Night Neighbors).

My name is Anthelios and I am an administrator of Communitas in New York City, NY.

I've been involved with the vampiric community for roughly about 10 years.

My older brother and best friend are vampires, and I now consider many vampires to be my close friends.

I've worked on a number of projects but my most current is Philadelphia Pranic Society. Simply put, just because I believe one way, does NOT make it the end all of vampirism.

I currently am lead admin for the website and forums, and am a moderator for the donor section of the VCMB forums.

I also run a blog that takes a peek into the real life of a donor, at, called Donor, not a döner.

I'm married with 2 kids and am normally laid back and easy going.

We live in a homeschooling household and I believe rules are written for the protection of others and should be followed to the fullest extent. I am a member of House Lost Haven and have been active in one fashion or another in the community for about 8 years.

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