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Some ISPs not using PPPo E expect the MAC address (hardware address) of the router to match that of your computer, especially when you used your computer without the router to setup everything initially.

You may need to use the "Clone MAC Address" feature.

The addresses are calculated based on your computer's MAC address and "a variable".

It's just a little different from the way the original Linksys firmware worked.

This seems to be caused by a CFE bug, but it looks that other firmwares with the same CFE do not have this problem.

Telnet/SSH username is always root and the password is always the same as the GUI password. We have a page in the Wiki just for you: Router Slowdown Look into Qo S: Quality of Service If you've read the previous question and it didn't help, then your router's HTTP Daemon might not be running. Another problem that currently causes this is incorrect HTTP Redirector settings, found at "Administration" A problem for which there is no single common fix.

Understanding some basics about networking, subnets, NAT, etc.

If your computer's IP address is, you may not be able to access the interface.

DD-WRT firmware default settings (sometimes called factory defaults) are stored in NVRAM. Flashing with TFTP must not be seen as the standard procedure for flashing: only use it when specifically told to do so (for example in the specific instructions for flashing your brand or type of device).

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