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Hello, Confirmed the CPU is working and everything else is working, Phenom X4 chip is recognized by BIOS but when attempting to install Windows or Linux get Segmentation Faults and kernel panics.Thinking maybe the BIOS does not actually support the chip and wanting to confirm that it does and if not, then MOD the BIOS to support the chip.The AGESA module could be problematic in itself, as it should be loaded as fast as possible, so moving it could get you a brick just like moving MINIT.Maybe I could make you a modded BIOS, but there is an extremely big chance your board will not boot.

Well, here are the results1a seemed to work, could start up proxmox and waited about 15 minutes until a kernel panic; re-installation caused a kernel panic; windows 7 install hung2b seemed to work as well but same issue as above3c misreported the memory at 128MB instead of 16GB, and would not boot to the drive The only thing I find aggravating is that the Gigabyte website states it supports this chip and it doesn't.Right now running an AMD dual core 4000 which runs fine but really want to max this board out in specs.I've had it forever and it's never given me an issue until trying to upgrade.would be cool to get it working with the quad core.I also found this guide: Gygabyte GA-880GM-UD2H (rev.

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File MA69VMS2-mod2b.10e has updated microcodes and AGESA, should be considered dangerous. The presence of the 13th microcode was a surprise, it is not part of NCPUCODE, maybe a leftover from older BIOS versions.

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