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The delievery man said he would order another cushion cover. Late January 2005 - The delivery man and another guy came out to the house to look at the sofas and to take pictures.

They told me they would send the pictures to the manufacturer.

When he delivery the new cushion cover, I showed him my concerns. When you take my money and put it in your pocket you better stand behind your promises.

He said he would have to bring his supervisor to look at the problem. I am dedicating this blog to telling the world about your lousy customer service.

April 6, 2005 – I asked a friend to go with me to La-Z-Boy to discuss this matter. She was on vacation, but would call me on April 25th. May 31, 2005 – I called La-Z-Boy and talked with a different salesperson. June 7, 2005 – Talked with the salesperson a La-Z-Boy. I took fabrics home to see which would go best with my décor.

The owner of this blog is a concerned woman who wants the public to know about the real customer service and warranty of La-Z-Boy Furniture. The content within is my own OPINION about how my last and FINAL purchase was handled by La-Z-Boy Furniture.On the day of delivery I noticed a thread was popped on one of the cushions. In the meantime, more threads began to pop and the material started to discolor.I called the store again and the salesperson told me to show this to the delivery man (who I must clarify, is from the local service department of La-Z-Boy).Jika pemakaiannya dilakukan secara berulang, terutama menampung air panas, lapisan polimer botol meleleh mengeluarkan zat karsinogenik dan dapat menyebabkan Kanker. HDPE atau High Density Poly Ethylene merupakan Jenis Plastik yang Aman jika dibandingkan dengan Jenis Plastik PET karena memiliki sifat tahan terhadap suhu tinggi.Sering dipakai untuk Botol susu yang berwarna putih susu, Tupperware, Botol Galon air minum, dan lain-lain.

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  1. “Four reviewers made comments on the manuscript,” he said, “and these are very trusted people.” In retrospect, Bem’s paper had huge, obvious multiple comparisons problems—the editor and his four reviewers just didn’t know what to look for—but back in 2011 we weren’t so good at noticing this sort of thing.