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Tinder…how can I even begin to describe one of the shallowest breeds of online dating? Then there are the tools, the really really ridiculously good-looking tools. K so Matt, age 24, with a bangin’ bod and a cute smile seems worth a swipe to the right. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, guys who “liked” you are going to show up first.

Instead of leaving said couch to do something outrageous, like actually interacting with real people, you turn to the best friend you never had: hello Tinder! Your eyes are the color of mud and thanks to the tint of “X-Pro II” on insta you have transformed yourself into the vampie version of Robert Pattinson.

Born in Vienna and brought up in a New York exurb, Jocelyn is an English citizen and the happy mistress of a French poodle, a Hungarian puli, a Russian borzoi, a fur-strewn glass house in Beverly Hills, a London flat, and is building a Spanish villa.

Jocelyn's photo was circulated to newspapers around the U.For starters, unlike “regular” online dating (is there really such a thing? AND LET ME TELL YOU, pictures are so unbelievably misleading it’s a goddamn joke. In their mini bio that consists of approximately two words: let’s fuck. Even though Matt and Joe and Kyle are three hotties out of the massive number of guys you swooped through, there are PROBABLY about 50 guys who you will like and they will reject you. If you’re like my boss and 32 and bragging about how great your return rate on Tinder is: #1 your life is pathetic because you’re 32 and on Tinder and #2 you didn’t see the masses who instantly rejected you. When all is said and done, at least you had some comedic relief to accompany your goblet of wine, but the chances of finding anything relatively promising is non existent.You’re a little thrown off, but hey if they’re this attractive, maybe it’s worth a shot, they could be kidding right? Feel free to share some of your Tinder moments in the comments! How to play games instructions are located below the flash game. We searched for the best fun games and only included in our online game collection games that are enjoyable and fun to play.

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