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He does, says Bernice Mene, former New Zealand netballer, his wife and mother of his three children."He still tries to rally all the local kids." "When we were dating, we'd be driving somewhere and he'd say 'stop! "I've had three coffees today." He smiles with his whole face, which has the scrubbed look of a man with few regrets and who swears by a rigorous grooming routine (his own brand Triumph & Disaster - inspired by the Rudyard Kipling poem, If). But the conversational equivalent of a 20-20 match rolls into epic test proportions.Take a look at this story from ONE News for a quick look at the features of Your Weather.

At that level, the players are away for two to three months at a time. "But he has passed on some of the traditions of his father. Our 7-year-old won't be able to leave the table because there are starving children in the world. India loves playing the piano, and [singer] Peter Urlich said to me, 'Ah, that's interesting, like she's a throwback or something.'" With their children, Solomon, 11, Jett, 7, and India, 9, Nash and Mene goof off, play at the park near their Grey Lynn home, form a team. But we have other similar quirky traits as well ... But I wouldn't want them to feel that they need to express that in any way that wasn't natural to them. You're facing a guy who could potentially kill you with a ball, for two hours. He will try and think of the little things to help ...

"I think that the opportunity to create a unisex brand is a greater story for right now. You are not promoting health when you're promoting fear." He frowns. "I think I made it out of Dargaville being one of the only kids in my era [who hadn't smoked] pot. I think Stephen Fleming was best - he just copped it. But it's not in my nature to go down without taking a swing. One of the things I'm proudest of is how I and Matthew and Stephen held ourselves through all of that because there were a whole bunch of people involved but three of us got hung out to dry. They stood by me and I stood by them and we've held our own.

I think the vision of men and women is sort of unhealthy. If you have to have 'man' written on something to know it's a great product. So the irony is all my mates from up north going, 'oh my god, the straightest guy from Dargaville gets pinged'." Nash is referring to his suspension for smoking pot with fellow Black Caps Stephen Fleming and Matthew Hart in South Africa in 1993-94. "In the end, out of frustration I said, I simulated it ... My internal dialogue was, 'F*** you, guys.'" He smoked it at university. "I liked being a rebel." But for the self-described upstart cricketer, pot wasn't even close to the most potent mind-mender of all.

Your Weather provides a national real-time view of NZ weather conditions, combining the latest observations from Met Service automatic weather stations, weather cameras and traffic cameras with observations from weather stations owned by members of the public and other groups.

All these observations are displayed as layers on maps hosted on the Met Service website – just look for the Your Weather tab on Towns & Cities pages.

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No matter what you aspire to be, he says, you can't help but be a small-town boy when you grow up in a town like Dargaville. Not that kids up north weren't - but there wasn't the expectation that everyone in your class would go on to tertiary education." Nash, whose test career spanned between 19, belonged to an elite group of highly talented players in, arguably the seminal era, the dawn of professionalism.

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