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Afterward, Rouge makes occasional appearances apart of Team Dark. She loves getting her way and absolutely despises people who deny her that.Despite her questionable personality and motives, she does have a conscience.Robotnik had taken over the idyllic Kingdom of Acorn, turning it into into the bleak, pollution-spewing city of Robotropolis, from where he runs his campaign to take over the rest of the word by turning all organic creatures into robots under his control.He was opposed by the Freedom Fighters, a motley crew that operated out of their secret base of Knothole inside the Great Forest.After her mission was completed, she tried to make off with every set of emerald shards, but after a threat from Shadow and a final confrontation with Knuckles, she cut her losses and tried to escape before Professor Gerald's plan forced her to work with the rest of the cast to save the planet.Soon after, she gets wind of Eggman having a secret treasure and opts to loot it for herself, but only discovered an amnesic Shadow and the walking armory Omega, Rouge assumes leadership over the operation and an unlikely alliance is formed in order to get answers.

She's also willing to put aside her selfish ways when there's a big enough threat.

After Rouge unwittingly awakened him, he decides to take revenge upon his creator to prove his worth, joining Rouge & Shadow on their quest.

Sometime later, he would join his two friends as apart of GUN.

But over time, as the comic started to develop its own distinct mythology, it adopted a much darker, more serious tone, making it notably closer in tone and feel to the Sat AM series it was inspired by in the first place.

While actually tacking down when the comic started moving from gags to serious plots and drama is a bit difficult, the most certain turning point was the End Game story arc leading up to issue 50, where Sally was killed off...

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