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Dolores, now "Lolita", becomes so famous that all men seek out her help now.

It is through her compassionate sex that she brings back the color and the happiness to a town that was immersed in sadness.

, etc) and Laura Mañá handles the direction of this potentially difficult story with amazing finesse.

Aldatma konusu içeren yetişkin film arayanlar sizlerin vazgeçilmezi olacak bir yapım.

The sensitive Dolores hears from both the men and the women and under the pseudonym of Lolita, she invites the husbands to her new bed for free advice, consensual sex and enrichment.

Lolita has discovered the source of the town's sadness and soon has slept with every man and keeps her free nurturing going while the women of the village marvel at how their husbands have changed for the better.

He tells her to go out and sin and then he will be able to hear her confession!

Manolo leaves and the devastated Dolores is encouraged to move into the tavern owned by Floren (Mariola Fuentes) and with the loving advice of her friends she hears that the town is dying because the married couples are depressed.

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