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This lover and I have something so magical and wonderful, that not everyone could comprehend the dimensions of the love and sexual trust that we share.

It’s not even a thing that I could tell everyone, even if I had the freedom to.

Sometimes, something that doesn’t deserve to be a secret must still be kept a secret.Many people couldn’t wrap their head around some of the things we do!A percentage of the population just wouldn’t understand how we conduct our polyamorous reality, so they would try and talk shit and project fallacy upon us. I sometimes just like to laugh and smile, and think of all the AMAZING sex I’m having with this sweet goddess woman in my sexxxy love life—making dreams come true every time we see each other. Almost all of my relationships have no aspects of them that have to be kept quiet.I am happy to tell all my lovers about each other, and I’m happy to tell anyone who I can trust about my lovely sex life.

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