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To protect my kids from someone who doesn't care and is mean and rude we chose to not have her a part of their life. Grandparents are there for support, not to blaze the path with the grandkids. My husband has a daughter from previous relationship and they weren't ever officially together and she contacts her all the time saying how she adores her and wants to see her granddaughter and yet she cant send me a text to ask how our kids are doing. I invited her to her own granddaughters 1st birthday 3 months out and she said she couldn't make it the day before but a few weeks later went to her friends 50th birthday. Now, I'd love someone, anyone, to clean my house lol.

Phone calls happen every now and then but my in laws are BIG talkers. They are always very nice and happy to see my kids well at least until my sister in laws kids arrive after that it's like my kids dont excit. I want my child to have a great relationship with all of his grandparents! My husband and I try to keep in touch and travel often to see them my inlaws because we want them to be close to husbands side of the family. Adam.” Everyone weighs in on a name, loving it or hating it. The other grandparents, who lived 200 miles away, never acted as if we were the victors in some game of tug of war. My son’s children, whose other grandparents live in Scotland, are constant reminders of this. (And if you go clothes shopping together, do not tell her that something makes her look big.) People gain weight.

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