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As a matter of fact, our circumstances are largely the product of the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis.Each decision accumulates, adding to each previous decision, to construct those very surroundings we operate within.

You used every moment of spare time to educate yourself and learn new skills to make yourself more marketable or you chose to do something else instead. There are very few exceptions to the rule that we are the products of our decisions.They are the brick and mortar, the floorboards, walls and ceiling of life. Our life circumstances may frame our lives at the outset, but we construct the structure within that frame, and can even knock down some of the framework and go bigger, wider, add framing for a new wing, a second or third story.We are not limited by circumstance; we just have to start with its reality.Do you feel trapped by a past that stabs and cuts and burns? The only way that can happen is to subject impulse and temptation to principle, or to values based on those principles.Maybe you were called unspeakable names, told you were stupid, no good, useless and would amount to nothing. Proactive people don’t wait for problems to arise from delay or neglect. The ability to subject immediately gratifying impulses to higher values requires two things: So begin to lengthen the distance between impulse and action, between stimulus and response until you can subordinate the lower self to your higher self. And that’s because life will most certainly provide lots of immediately gratifying stimulus.

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