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A permanent protective order generally lasts for up to two years, but the judge may issue an order for longer than two years if: An emergency protective order is an order issued by the criminal court after an assailant is arrested for committing family violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

The EPO may last between 61 to 91 days if the abuser was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Furthermore, the order shall suspend the defendant’s concealed handgun license and prohibit the defendant from possessing a firearm for the duration of the order. To be clear, the provisions apply to places, not people. In order to maximize your chances of having the EPO lifted, you will want: A violation of a protective order may be classified as either a Class A misdemeanor or—under certain circumstances—a third-degree felony. However, a violation of a protective order may a third degree felony punishable by a prison sentence of anywhere between two and ten years.

The EPO does not require the defendant to stay away from the victim, but does prohibit the defendant from going to or near the places listed above. The conditions of bond and conditions of EPO are set by different judges in different courts. For the violation to be a felony, it must be shown on the trial of the offense that: If you or your child have been a victim of any of the above acts and the assailant has been arrested and there has been no Emergency Protective Order issued, please consider requesting one immediately.

Dating relationships must be or have had a continuing romantic or intimate nature.

A temporary ex parte order lasts for up 20 days and may be extended for another 20 days upon request.

Special copies of other protective order forms are available only for training purposes for law enforcement and service providers.

This packet contains forms with highlights indicating changes and/or additions. You can find out how to obtain a protective order in the How to Obtain a Protective Order brochure.

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After review, the applicant will be advised as to whether an application for a protective order will be filed.

An applicant may contact the Protective Order office at (817) 884-1623 between a.m. A protective order questionnaire must be completed before protective order attorneys can make a determination to file a protective order application. Additionally the magistrate may also order a defendant to participate in a global positioning monitoring system (GPS tracking).

In the case of an EPO, the judge shall issue the order if serious physical injury or use of a deadly weapon is involved.

Emergency protective orders are issued by the criminal court.

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The bill extends the ability to get a civil order of protection to victims of dating violence and abuse, sexual assault or stalking in KRS 456.010 - 456.180, a new chapter of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

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