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If you are a Christian who loves a good debate, or who is seeking knowledge or companionship online, you have plenty of opportunity for all that and more through Christian forums.

The following top 50 Christian forums on the Web range from formats that accept and address all Christian faiths to forums focused on specific faiths.

People with diabetes can download a 14-day photographed menu plan which has been constructed of simple, everyday foods.

The photographs are designed to teach people how to construct a meal using simple foods and portion control principles.

The Diabetes Photo Diet is available in English and Spanish, is downloaded to the computer desktop for one low purchase price and can be printed out for easy reference.

How can Response to Intervention help struggling learners, what factors are important in raising student achievement, and what impact does the Every Student Succeeds Act have on students with disabilities who are lagging behind their peers? A COMMENTARY BY BETSY DEVOS 'Low Expectations for Children With Disabilities Must End' When it comes to educating students with special needs, "the minimum" is not an option, writes U. Five Years After Sandy Hook, a Mom Who Lost Her Son Fights Gun Violence Nicole Hockley can't fathom that it's been five years since her son Dylan died in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Her life's mission is now to try to prevent gun violence. Digital Education FCC Dismantles 'Net Neutrality' Policy, and K-12 Schools Await Impact Critics fear the new policy will allow internet service providers to create fast and slow lanes in a way that restricts online options for consumers, including schools.

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