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What’s more surprising, perhaps, is the degree to which news is in the mix of what they watch. This speaks to the idea that there could be opportunities in the digital realm for young people to get news at similar rates as their older cohorts – something that has not been the case in most legacy news platforms like newspapers and television.Those under 30 also watch a wide range of other kinds of online video.In the first 24 hours after a deadly tornado slammed into Moore, Okla., around 3 p.m.on May 20, citizen journalists produced a majority of the most-viewed You Tube videos.About half of Americans with a college degree or higher watched news video online; this compares with 43% of those who have completed some college and only 22% of those with a high school degree or less.More than half (57%) of Americans at the higher end of the income spectrum (more than ,000 a year in household income) watch news videos online, compared with just 36% of those whose households bring in between ,000 and ,999 per year, 34% of those making between ,000 and ,999 per year, and 25% of those in households making less than ,000 per year. adults reported recording videos on their cellphones.

More highly educated Americans are more likely to watch news video.This policy change does not affect those living in other states who either pass or fail the test.Adult Diploma Program Application Please note: most high school courses are one semester equivalent or 0.5 credit hour unless otherwise noted.(4 credits) Complete any eight of these courses: English: ENGL 041, ENGL 043, ENGL 045, ENGL 047, ENGL 051, ENGL 053, ENGL 055, ENGL 057 Literature: LIT 045, LIT 047, LIT 051, LIT 061 Writing: WRIT 041, WRIT 043, WRIT 045, WRIT 047 (3 credits) Complete three of these sequences: Algebra: ALG 051 and ALG 053 Geometry: GEOM 041 and GEOM 043 Algebra 2: ALG 055 and ALG 057 (3 credits) Complete the following courses: Biology: BIOL 041 and BIOL 043 Complete four courses from any of the following categories: Chemistry: CHEM 041, CHEM 043, CHEM 061, CHEM 063 Biology: BIOL 049 Earth Science: EARTH 041, EARTH 043, EARTH 051, ENVRN 041 Physics: PHSCS 041 PHSCS 043 (3.0 credits) Complete the following courses: US History: HIST 041 and HIST 043 Geography: GEOG 041 Complete one course in each of these areas: US Government and Citizenship: GOVT 045 World Studies: HIST 061, HIST 063, HIST 065, HIST 066, HIST 067, SOCSC 041 Complete one of the following Social Science Elective courses: Business Law: BLAW 041 Economics: ECON 041 History: HIST 051, HIST 052, HIST 053, HIST 054 Sociology: SOCSC 041, SOCSC 051, SOCSC 055 Note: Effective July 1, 2015, Adult Diploma students must complete 0.5 social science elective credit.(1 credit) Complete any two of these courses: ART 061 - Photography AUTO 043 - Automotive Basics BLAW 041 - Business Law BMATH 041 - Business & Consumer Math, Part 1 BMATH 043 - Business & Consumer Math, Part 2 BMRKT 041 - Marketing CHILD 041 - Child Development, Part 1 CHILD 043 - Child Development, Part 2 CHILD 051 - Preparing for Responsible Parenthood CLOTH 041 - Clothing Construction CS 041 - Computer Science, Part 1 ENGN 041 - Small Engine Repair FOODS 041 - Food and Nutrition, Part 1 FOODS 043 - Food and Nutrition, Part 2 GARD 041 - Home Gardening INFOP 041 - Keyboarding, Part 1INTDE 041 - Interior Design, Part 1 MEDIC 051 - Medical Terminology (2 credits) Complete the following course: HLTH 041 (0.5 credit) Complete one of these PE courses: AEROB 045- Aerobics BOWL 041- Bowling CYCLE 041- Cycling FIT 041- Fitness for Living FIT 049- Fitness for Sports and Recreation GOLF 041- Golf JOG 041- Jogging SWIM 043- Intermediate Swimming TEN 041- Tennis WALK 041- Walking Fitness WTRNG 041- Weight Training Complete any two of these Health courses, including any previously listed Health and/or PE courses: FIT 045- Lifetime Weight Control HLTH 042 (0.5 credits)- Health Education, Part 2HLTH 043 (0.25 credits)- Eating Disorders and Basic Nutrition HLTH 045 (0.25 credits)- Drug Use and Abuse OCCUP 041- Preparing for Health Occupations MEDIC 051 - Medical Terminology (1.5 credits) Complete any three of these courses: ART 041 - Art Foundations, Part 1 ART 043 - Art Foundations, Part 2ART 045 - Drawing ART 051 - Calligraphy ART 059 - Introduction to Commercial Art ART 061 - General Photography GUITR 041 - Beginning Guitar MUSIC 041 - Introduction to Music MUSIC 043 - History of Jazz PIANO 041 - Beginning Piano (0.5 credits) Complete the following course: Computer Technology: CTECH 041 (0.5 credits) Complete the following course: Financial Literacy: FINL 041 (0.5 credit) Complete the following course: Online Prep: Tools for Success!

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