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If you still didn’t get it: Your communication with the “typing slave” (substitute) has no link to the young lady in the pictures. The goal of the “typing slave” is to keep you hooked forever. This scheme is only possible when a suitor is overseas.It would never work with local guys where people want to meet each other a.s.a.p.If the girl is already married (some photos are used for years) or doesn’t wish to be involved (even though she is compensated generously for meetings with men at the rate of /hour, while daily wages in the country are around -15), then the man is told that his date had to urgently go to funerals, an overseas business trip, or to look after a sick relative in the countryside.He is also offered to meet other women from the same “honest marriage agency”.When you are awake and finished your job, she is probably already asleep in bed, and if you wake her up, you are going to hear some non-pleasantries.

Anything the pretty girl doesn’t know about her “communication” with the man, the typing slave is aware of.At first, when “typing slaves” find out what their jobs entail, they are put off… You can sit at home typing on your i Pad while watching TV, and it doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as you keep the illusion for the men. They won’t even want to talk to you, unless you have a photo in your profile (which they carefully read, to find out whether you are the type of man they’d like to meet).And, of course, they have no desire to type nights through, because they go to work in the morning, teaching kids at school or treating patients in hospitals.There must be a lot of guys with a delirious sense of reality, because otherwise half of Ukrainian dating sites wouldn’t even exist.If you have ever looked at sites presenting “Ukrainian women seeking marriage”, find out beforehand how a lot of them work.

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Paying for each message or chat can only give you the flawed PPL model, where people communicate with you because they earn money on it.

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