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Even if you don’t mind that she’s a mom, you must be informed before making a commitment.

It’s not common for Alpha males to step into another man’s shoes, as you prefer to fill your own shoes.

); produced, directed, and starred in , HBO’s most-watched documentary in nearly a decade; and launched the Mrs. Beyoncé’s success would seem to offer many reasons for feminists to cheer.

The performer has enjoyed record-breaking career success and has taken control of a multimillion-dollar empire in a male-run industry, while being frank about gender inequities and the sacrifices required of women.

But some pundits are hesitant to award the singer feminist laurels. And that, in truth, is what concerns me.”Petersen says the singer’s lyrical feminism swings between fantasy (“Run the World [Girls]”) and “bemoaning and satirizing men’s inability to commit to monogamous relationships” (“Single Ladies”).

For instance, Anne Helen Petersen, writer for the blog Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style (and contributor), says, “What bothers me—what causes such profound ambivalence—is the way in which [Beyoncé has] been held up as an exemplar of female power and, by extension, become a de facto feminist icon…. The writer also accuses Beyoncé of performing for the male gaze and admits, in comments to the post, to feeling “grossed out” by the “Mrs. And Petersen is surely not alone in her displeasure.

But ultimately, the policing of feminist cred is the real moral contradiction.

And the judgment of how Beyoncé expresses her womanhood is emblematic of the way women in the public eye are routinely picked apart—in particular, it’s a demonstration of the conflicting pressures on black women and the complicated way our bodies and relationships are policed. It’s ridiculous.”That Beyoncé speaks the language of feminism so publicly is even more notable in a climate where high-profile mainstream female entertainers often explicitly reject the very word.

The kids aren’t yours, so if your relationship doesn’t work out, you’ll move on with your life. This means that your ex-girlfriend may take you to court, and you could be ordered to pay child support until they come of age.

Relationships can be challenging enough without adding another man’s kids to the picture.

For that matter, without adding your own kids to the picture!

In a January 2013 “nearly naked in seven photos, including one on the cover in which she is wearing a pair of tiny knickers and a man’s shirt so cropped that her breasts are visible.”Of course, in that very same issue of , Beyoncé makes several statements about gender inequity—the sort not often showcased in men’s magazines. Katy Perry, while accepting a Woman of the Year Award from if she is a feminist, Taylor Swift offered, “I don’t really think about things as guys versus girls. I was raised by parents who brought me up to think if you work as hard as guys, you can go far in life.”A popular star willing to talk about gender inequity, as Beyoncé has, is depressingly rare.

Among them: “Let’s face it, money gives men the power to run the show. But Freeman insists flashes of underboob and feminist critique don’t mix.

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