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We watch very little TV, mostly because it’s all CRAP with way too many commercials.It sounds like we’d have to shell out boo-koo bucks for a new TV, player, streaming device, and then have to pay more on top of that for the services, not to mention the headache of learning all the required techie stuff.

Recently purchased TVs and Blu-ray players probably have "smart" features to get you online and streaming from a variety of services.Both models of Apple TV also include Siri for voice search, which (like Roku) can help you find content across different streaming services.Siri's smart enough to help you find content even if you don't know what it's called, so you could ask for a list of popular TV shows or action movies from the ’80s.If you’re invested in i Tunes content or i OS apps, an Apple TV is the best buy despite its high price. I have checked with my internet provider and my speed is more than enough to support streaming anything. It is driving me nuts to pay for these services and cannot use them!If you want to cast content from your computer, the Chromecast Ultra is what you want. Thanks I am not techi but would like to get netflix but in looking at what I would need, it looks really expensive and complicated. I guess I’ll just give up on getting netflix and the other streaming services. Any Blue Ray DVD player should be able to access Netflix (and multiple other services).

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