Ms access linked table not updating

As a result, more is being written to disk then was done in the past.

Some changes to the database cause Access to make a copy of the project items instead of replacing the old project which can cause an increase in database size.

Once you've finished refreshing all the links close that recordset.

Then open a bound form or keep this recordset open if so desired depending on your preference for better overall performance.

Access does automatically create indexes on primary keys, foreign keys and other fields as per the Autoindex on Import/Create in the Tools The problem with too many indexes is that this will slow down record insert and field updates as the indexes have to be updated. For example when doing a bulk loading of records, such as when converting a system, it can be very beneficial to delete all the indexes, load the records and create the indexes fresh again.

Note that in some performance tuning I just did for a client adding an index on a boolean field in a "master" table containing 800 records dropped the form load time from 30 seconds to 3 seconds.

With the move to include the Visual Basic Editor interface, Access now stores all project items as one blob within approximately one record in the system table.

Any of the following tips can also apply in this situation.

It is recommended that we set the subdatasheet Name property on each table in the back-end database to [NONE].

Making this change in the front end won't help if it even works at all.

This can get much worse for the second and subsequent users into a shared MDB on a server.

Once you've successfully refreshed the first table open a recordset based on that table.

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Compacting the database at this point should recover the project no longer being used and should reclaim some space (if not all 10 MBs).

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