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Her 2011 solo debut, Late Nights & Early Mornings, was an underrated collection of sensual, mature R&B; now Ambrosius is back with a new track, “Run,” premiering exclusively at TIME.Taken from her upcoming second full-length Friends & Lovers, “Run” is good enough to vault her to a whole new level of public consciousness.And coming into my own, it was like, “Wow I’m a grown woman now.” When I was singing “Say Yes” and “Getting Late” and all those other songs I wrote in Floetry, I was really young then, I was like 21, 22 then. So that was the beginning of the journey of putting together and album that will play from beginning to end and sound like one song. An album isn’t supposed to be a collection of songs I’ve made through the years, to have a bunch of names and features, that’s a mix tape to me.An album is something you can play from beginning to end where the songs play seamlessly, like they marry each other.So I put on weight, decided that this was enough and I want to get back to being me. My whole longevity in this business – I want to be a songwriter and a producer, so meeting Dr.The me that no one knew prior to seeing a video I may have shot back in 2005 – which people are like, “Oh my god you’ve lost so much weight! Dre I wanted to kind of be taken under his wing to learn as much as I possibly could in order to be that staple in music that you go to when you’re looking for those kinds of records.

You know, just random little things you can do to pass the time with your fans that are anxiously awaiting .AE: Oh my god, you actually called your fans and sang to them over the phone? You’ve done an incredible job of getting back into shape, are you going to be the next J-Hud?MA: Yeah, I have over 60,000 followers online and people were tweeting me their real numbers, so I was like, the fact that these people sent me their real numbers and were like, “Just call me to say hello,” I was like, alright! It’s nice to have a direct line of communication back to people that really respect what you do. MA: You know what, I can’t be the next J-Hud because she had a whole baby!It’s not fair of me to say I could be her because I just lost weight.She had a baby and lost that weight so kudos to her!

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