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Episode 20: Belldandy collapses after stopping a ninja invasion!

Keiichi must figure out which supernatural medicine to use to revive his love.

Episode 18 “Chokotto Rabu”: Raichi, who wants to receive some chocolate from Aoi, sneaks into Starlight Academy dressed as a girl, posing as Ichigo's little sister so he can help make the chocolate.

However, he becomes depressed when he finds Aoi hasn't made any chocolate for him.

The assassins still search for her, unaware of her new powers.

Macaron, the little brother of Daigorou, is a crossdresser.

In each parallel world, he is often depicted in various female roles.

Episode 13 “Best Hedgehog” Sonic and Tails rescue Robotnik's first prisoner, a hairy gossamer-look alike man called Lucas, and work to reunite him with his lost girlfriend, Lucinda, whom Robotnik is also after.

Episode 2x01 (14) “The Chipmunk Who Bugged Me” (1984) Boy disguised as a woman.

Episode 2x08 (21) “Alvin on Ice” (1984) Simon disguised as a girl.

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His only choice: try the potion out on himself first and see what happens! Aki is the neighborhood crossdresser who wears a thick application of make-up.

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