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Using any cheat puts your game save or even your game account at risk. One more matter to discuss - yes, I know that the name of the site is Super Cheats - and our stated position about not using cheats appears on its face to be something of an oxymoron and Catch-22. We are really not sure how and why this works, but we tested it, and basically if you start doing the gardening task then back out, change the language to French, and then go back to gardening and select the Lotus a PMV option, it somehow removes the cost associated with it, which is normally .99 cents.

What that means is that you can play the Life Point Lotus mini-game in the Gardening Plot as often as you like, as much as you like, over and over, and thus bank a huge amount of . To test and verify this actually works (it did as of anyway) we created a brand new account on an i Phone 4 and then ran that account through the rather lengthy tutorial phase...

When an i OS device has been successfully jail-broken, the user magically has unrestricted access to those directories and files, and can actually edit them, which is the heart of this hack/cheat.

Using specially written tools on an app-by-app basis it is therefore possible to edit the game files and cause your game to have more money / start a potentially profitable action / task, then setting your system clock ahead by X number of hours, days, or etc.

The reason for this is that depending upon where you are located in the world - AND where your service provider for the device is located - the act of doing the whole jail-breaking thingy ranges from perfectly legal to a serious data crime (as in felony type crime that can get you thrown in prison or worse).

Understand, if you are in some parts of the Middle East hacking your phone can expose you to serious penalties up to and including lashes (being whipped with a rawhide whip or a cane that can and often does cause your skin to be flayed off, lots of bad bleeding, gives you scars, is very painful and potentially fatal, and in some cases may result in the loss of limbs) on the severe side, or decades in prison on the light (as in hardly any punishment at all) side.

At the end of the Tutorial Phase for the new game we had a brand new and pristine town with the following The thing is we would not be surprised if EA/Firemonkey doesn't already have a way to detect that sort of thing and deal with it.

Someone to go into their own town and go into the promotions building, its just below the park. They buy a fire hydrant (not real expensive) and they place it none of the yards of the homes they have an active sim "living" there.

These span a number of functions, including for example Boosted- Servers, Special "Shopping Mall Servers" and a number of other functional hacks.

Special care should be taken when doing this sort of cheating because -- shocker!

so that the Task / Action is now completed, then collecting the gains and rewards, and rinsing and repeating.

This cheat and/or bug has been fixed on some platforms and game versions but not on others. In fact we strongly recommend that you avoid ANY cheat that requires you to alter the system time, because doing that can have completely unpredictable effects on both your game and game account.

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You have to click on the boat and then go and click on each sims' home and look in the front n back yard to see if they have one.

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