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So, fess up, the question the whole country wants an answer to, who put the banana skin at the top of the stairs?"'His comments earned a gasp from Louis, who quipped: 'No, Dermot, I was boiling the milk. They were upstairs, so it was one of these two.'Before Nicole jokingly confessed: 'It was a team effort.We both did it.' Dermot said: 'This is like murder on the orient express'.

A source close to Mr Cowell later told The Sun: 'There were some rumours that Cheryl was going to step in for Simon but this isn't going to be the case.'Simon is expected to be fine for Sunday's show, but right now he needs as much rest as possible – every one knows he's a workaholic and no one can stop him from returning.'They'll switch the singers which means they'll be panic for some contestants but everyone totally understands.' Liam has been dating the Messy Little Raindrops singer, 34, for just under two years with the couple sharing seven-month-old son Bear.The high round neckline balances out the midi cut whilst the fabric drapes the front to conceal showing too much skin.Unfortunately, the dress is unavailable to buy but you can shop the current season now by clicking right.", and added: "Shit's foul." Stormzy offered his "sincere apologies" to his collaborator, saying it was a communication error.He wrote on Twitter: "Gonna quickly clear up yesterday's situation with MNEK not performing with me on The X Factor.

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According to an insider, 'Simon wanted them to attend' despite previous reports that suggested he would be staying in with both Lauren and Eric on Sunday.

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