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William Tyndale later translated The Wycliffe Bible which also had many revisions and corrections.In 1534 The Tyndale’s Revised and Corrected Bible was completed.As with other areas of the IFB belief system, this falls along a continuum of beliefs.On the more liberal side of the continuum, some IFB churches believe that the KJV is the most accurate version of the Bible and should be used by all Christians to avoid heretical views and beliefs.I read the NIV from cover to cover and then went on to read a New Living Translation (henceforth NLT).The NLT became my favorite and is the version I use at present.They taught that the KJV is the only acceptable version for the Christian to use, it was the closest translation to the original manuscripts, all other versions of the Bible presented mistakes at best and heresy at worst, it was a sin to read versions of the Bible other than the KJV and because of the aforementioned one couldn’t truly be saved unless he/she got the gospel message from the KJV.I don’t really know where the IFB gets this information to be honest.

The IFB churches I experienced fell on the more conservative side of the above mentioned continuum.

It makes me sad to think that people are trapped like I was so many years ago.

Well, I don’t have to rely solely on personal experience to draw my conclusions from.

As I researched this topic, I began to see increasing evidence about just how inaccurate the KJV actually is.

I learned that the KJV is nothing more than a translation in a long line of translations.

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It was weird to me that they would accept the Pastor’s explanation, but refuse to use a different version of the Bible for an explanation. I often wondered if the Pastors really knew what the meanings were or if they were simply repeating what they had learned thus perpetuating the lie.

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