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Download: Greenify for Android (Free)Download: Juice Defender for Android (Free)One of the cooler features in Android Marshmallow is Google Chrome’s new Custom Tabs.With this, apps can open an optimized browser tab with saved passwords and other Chrome data intact.I suggest you also backup the APK, since it makes restoring easier for some apps that break compatibility with new versions.When you’re ready to install all this to a new phone again, connect it to your PC, download the app, and restore all your apps. Helium Premium will also let you backup to cloud devices and external storage, and it supports apps that the free one doesn’t.The app, made by the famous Clockwork Mod team, lets you backup apps complete with their data.All you need is the Helium app, the companion Carbon app for Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, and a USB cable.Native Clipboard is probably the best way to improve copy-paste on Android.

What this means is that if an app asks for permission to read your text messages and your GPS data, you can choose to grant access to location but not your messages.

Download: Native Clipboard for Android (Free)Marshmallow has two cool features to lengthen your battery life. Second, it detects when you aren’t using your phone and stops using data at that time. You already have a couple apps that will do the same things! Greenify’s auto-hibernation mode (available on Android 4.1 or newer phones) will stop updating apps you aren’t using and prevent them from slowing down your phone.

Juice Defender, on the other hand, is an all-in-one solution for almost any battery-saving tip on Android.

Aside from all the things under the hood, you will immediately notice a few differences in the new does not work.

Given that, there will be a few features that longtime Adblock Plus for Firefox users will miss in the new release.

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, so the Adblock Plus development team has already been busy getting our award-winning add-on ready.

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