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And of course we have one more Phantom Futa picture that needs to go up. I don’t have the time or the energy to work on it anymore (as most of you can probably already tell), plus it’s just no longer cost effective to have it up- My server bill alone is twice the size of my car note! I wish I could’ve kept the site up forever but nothing really turns out the way we want it. As long-time readers of Futanari Obsession are no doubt aware, I have a serious weakspot for clothing/outfits/body-coverings that are either impractical or so revealing that they might as well not be there.

So grab whatever pics you can while the site is online, and I wish everyone all the best in their future endeavors. So I’d say Mistress Livia’s choice of armor definitely tickles my fancies!

And the penis is formed from the same type of tissue as a clitoris. We see Shadman doing something similar in his work here, Elastigirl stretching her clit out and pumping it up until its a thick, meaty length of cock while her pussy lips join together (forming the seam that I mentioned above) in order to grow a full set of heaving, cum-churning balls.

Seeing little touches of actual biology like that just makes the futanari transformation that much more believable (and hotter) for me. Of course as a fertility goddess it’s only proper that she get a mighty length of cockmeat and a pair of pendulous balls loaded with rich seed to match!

Just leaving her perky tits and her lovely abs and those muscular thighs open for me to ogle :3 But hey, at least she’s taking good care of her sword…and her penis too! Though I’d also love to take that armor off if I’m being honest 😉 Badass, sexy, and leaving nothing to the imagination. – Rexxon Art by Botslim ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr Grand Mistress Livia belongs to Zero_one ~ Hentai Foundry Dayum. Now I know that Albatross’ art isn’t to everyone’s taste but I hope you can at least appreciate the creative effort that went into this picture!

There’s just layer upon layer of details in this picture.

That’s not even getting into the way her fat tits are flattening against the glass, the nipple rings tied to condoms loaded with cum.

Then there’s the giant pillar of cockmeat spewing jizz across the glass with the bundles of dollar bills tucked into her thong.

She loves to dress up in schoolgirl outfits, cute socks and anything else that is sexy.

Or the fact that to the left and right of her, you can see that there are more “cells” that are probably holding more slutty specimens for the hungry crowd to eat up with their eyes!

Ashley George - If you love young and sexy shemales then Ashley George just might grab your attention.

If any of you are curious about where you can find me, I’ll still be around on Hentai Foundry and tumblr and I’ll be trying to archive the Phantom Futa pics there as well. If I recall my anatomy classes correctly, it turns out that “line” or “seam” of flesh running down your ballsack?

I also make a few personal commissions that here and there, so please feel free to check them out. Maybe a certain big-dicked superfuta will show up in my gallery someday soon? That’s the result of the genital folds fusing together during fetal development of the penis and scrotum, whereas in females it would have developed into a vagina.

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