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But, I respected her for sticking to her guns, besides she was too good for me.I hated myself for cheating on her and promised myself that I would never cheat on anybody again. By the time I met Tamala or Tam for short; I had grown up and been around the block a time to two. Tamala Rae Johnson, her name hit the spot like a Captain and Coke on Friday at the club after long hard work week.What did I get Tam you ask, a black GMC Suburban SUV, 4 doors, fully loaded with tinted windows and driver's side captain chair with bun warms to keep that ass from getting cold. I spend 3 years saving, just so I could buy her a gift that would shut her ass up.A week later, while surfing the web, I came across this website, "Literotica" which led to the end of my marriage.

It was funny as hell; all these women were sucking on the same guy's dick or getting fucked by a guy in a fucking bear outfit.

But I would like to say one more thing about Tam's ass. I rubbed, pinched, squeezed, smacked or just flat out grabbed that ass anytime I wanted to.

Sir Mix-a-lot should have put her ass in the "Baby got back" music video. That was my lawfully wedded ass, so I was entitled.

Then I would slowly walk behind her smiling the whole time watching that ass.

When she walked I would hear bass drums, boom, boom and boom. A life time full of rubbing, pinching, spanking, squeezing and loving that ass, I couldn't wait to hear, "till death do us part". That ass, that ass, that ass, damn that was one hell of an ass, "oops got a woody there", Sorry, I'll get back to the story.

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