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They are circular, reviewing what has already been given, then dazzlingly spiraling into new territory. And while at first this process is a bit frustrating, I have come to deeply appreciate its workings. And as we do so, we understand more; we come to remember more of Who We Really Are, and we begin to demonstrate that.This two-steps-forward, one-step-back approach allows me to keep in mind previously shared wisdom, planting it firmly in my consciousness in order to form a solid basis for further understanding. For by planting Gods wisdom firmly into our consciousness, we affect our consciousness. In these pages I am going to share a little about my past, and about how my life has changed since the publication of the Conversations with God trilogy.The fifth surprise is that any of this was surprising, given who the co-author was.God told me, in the middle of what I thought was a private dialogue, that this will one day become a book. The book that was published was called, unoriginally enough, Conversations with God.She said this as blithely as if she were announcing that it was going to rain tomorrow.

I know, then, that any good thing that may proceed from me has come in some degree from them, for they have taught it to me, and I have merely passed it on.Not just one-way communicating, but communicating two ways.Those people have learned to be careful about who is told of this, however.A lot of folks have asked me about all that, and thats understandable. I am walking alongside God, not simply following God.They want to know something about this person who says hes having casual chats with the One Upstairs. Snippets of my personal story are part of this book not to satisfy peoples curiosity, but to show how my life demonstrates what its like to have a friendship with Godand how all of our lives demonstrate the same thing. Nor did I know where that friendship could take me. It is my deepest wish that your life will be changed in the same way as mine; that you, too, with the help and guidance of this book, will develop a very real friendship with God, and that as a result, you also will speak your word and live your life with a new authority.

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She made an awkward introduction of her lady friend and gathered up the cards quickly, stuffing them into her apron pocket.

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