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Its capital city Addis Ababa serves as the headquarters of the African Union, the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the African Standby Force, and many of the global NGOs focused on Africa.In the 1970s and 1980s, Ethiopia experienced civil conflicts and communist purges, which hindered its economy.The oldest hominid discovered to date in Ethiopia is the 4.2 million year old Ardipithicus ramidus (Ardi) found by Tim D. The most well known hominid discovery is Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy).Known locally as Dinkinesh, the specimen was found in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia's Afar Region in 1974 by Donald Johanson, and is one of the most complete and best preserved adult Australopithecine fossils ever uncovered.It occupies a total area of 1,100,000 square kilometres (420,000 sq mi), and its capital and largest city is Addis Ababa.

During the late 19th-century Scramble for Africa, Ethiopia was one of the nations to retain its sovereignty and the only territory in Africa to defeat a European colonial power.Ethiopia also has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa.Additionally, the country is one of the founding members of the UN, the Group of 24 (G-24), the Non-Aligned Movement, G-77 and the Organisation of African Unity.Most people in the country speak Afroasiatic languages of the Cushitic or Semitic branches.Additionally, Omotic languages are spoken by ethnic minority groups inhabiting the southern regions.

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