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"Well," he concedes, "did you know that, despite its reputation, Harvard still doesn't have a campus-wide online student directory like Phillips Exeter?

" "I'm intrigued, tell me more," their youngest sister quips while taking apart a bread roll.

Nevertheless, she's feeling generous enough to throw him a bone. Mind enlightening us to the reasons behind your most recent unapproved-yet-strangely-frequent coding binge?

Don't be coy, you've got another one of your ideas battering around in your brain." She is rewarded by the smile on Mark's face, which he hides when he pops a piece of tomato into his mouth.

His problem now lies in the fact that Jules and Noel have bonded over their shared athleticism by discussing, at length, the gruelling training regimes they go through.

While the two are outfitting the suite's bathroom with supplies and debating protein shakes, Oliver takes the opportunity to sprawl underneath one of the beds in their dorm room.

"What, has the internet finally gotten to you with its reports on animal mistreatment in the food industry? "Were you traumatised by the life of battery farm hens? "Don't talk to me about chickens." "Oh my God, have they ? Randi, pinch me, I'm dreaming." Randi snorts in response. "Starting next month I will be at Harvard," he declares.

Eventually, he becomes aware of a pair of Adidas sandals waiting idly at the entrance to the dorm room.know is the basic premise of his story, and it is this- The last thing Mark Zuckerberg remembers is falling asleep at his laptop at the Facebook office in 2012.He wakes up in front of his old computer at his childhood home in 2002.] Complication With Optimistic Outcome I.She yelps when Mark kicks her in the shin, and Randi looks on, smiling beatifically, as the dinner table descends into a comfortable anarchy which dissipates once their parents roll their eyes and take charge. "Any reason as to why you've been acting a little off these past few days? Mark Zuckerberg has the dubious distinction of being one of the few freshman at Harvard who manage to earn a degree of notoriety before even stepping foot on campus." she asks while watching him write inside a notebook. "I'm waiting for Leonardo Di Caprio to turn up and try to steal my secrets. That's the point." He gets up from his sprawl on the couch. This piece of information haunts the periphery of Oliver Kirby's brain, but only because it turns out that he'll be rooming with Mark for the foreseeable future.

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