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It was so comical that she wanted to burst out laughing, and probably would have to, if she wasn't also a little miffed. She was testing you, after what you did to her." "Oh. After a second or two her entire body started twitching in orgasmic release while she fell back into the bed releasing his head from her thighs.

" She could feel herself giggling, listening to Evan. But then her thighs were crushing his head between them. " her body locked up as her eyes came wide open, her chest heaving off the bed, with her erect nipples standing as hard as he had ever seen them while she screamed out silently.

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Sighing, Emily got up after she had her fill, and was about to start clearing away the table when her mother stopped her. You and Emily might as well get started on your studying, or just go relax if you'd rather. "Just don't try and drag me out of bed before eight, or I'll be holding them up crooked." As she made her way to Evans' room, she tried to figure out what to start with. She hadn't had the chance to talk to him about that kiss, or how they felt about each other. So I'm not in a good mood." "I know Em, I do, which is why I'm trying to see the humour in all this. Then there was the discussion about being stuck in each others bodies, and how to approach that. " "Evan I swear to you, I've had a long hard day, after a couple of shitty months, and to top it off, are you ready for this? I think that if I let myself dwell on how seriously fucked up everything is, I'll come unhinged. I've been stupid in more ways than one today." "Oh dear. Groaning he struggled as hard as could to hold it back, as she slid her lips back up off him, but she seemed to eagerly wrap her lips tightly around his head, and he could take no more.

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