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Without a doubt, sushi is one of Japan's greatest gastronomical gifts to the world.Almost poetic in its simplicity, good sushi relies on two things: the freshness of the ingredients and the knife skills of the chef.No wonder: Ramen's intoxicating combination of fat and salt sends powerful messages directly to the endorphin-producing parts of the brain.It's very, very difficult to choose just one ramen shop, but Enji (Kichijoji Minami-cho 1-1-1, Musashino-shi; 81 (0)422 44 5303) is one of our newest favorites for tsukemen, ramen noodles dipped in a thickly concentrated fish-and-pork-bone-based broth.The bukkake soba is garnished with a dozen aromatic herbs and served with an unusual sesame dipping sauce.Like so many revolutions, the rise of sanuki udon began with a book.Most of the buckwheat noodles on the market are mass-produced, inoffensive yet forgettable.Once you've tasted te-uchi hand-rolled soba, though, it's easy to understand why soba chefs take great pride in making the perfect noodles.

Matsugen (Sendaizaka Oak Hills 1F, Azabu Juban 3-11-12, Minato-ku; 81 (0)3 3457 5690) offers expertly prepared, traditional te-uchi soba in a stylish modern setting.The Japanese politely refer to horsemeat as sakuraniku, or cherry blossom meat, because of its bright pink color.Its most popular incarnation is basashi, paper-thin slices of raw horsemeat dipped in soy sauce and grated ginger, frequently served at izakayas.The specialty at Uogashi Senryo (Tsukiji 4-10-14, Chuo-ku; 81 (0)3 5565 5739) in Tsukiji is kaisen hitsumabushi, a kind of chirashi donburi tossed with various morsels of raw fish and topped with creamy uni sea urchin and ruby red ikura salmon roe.Eating it involves a procedure that borders on ritual.

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