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Two researchers from Princeton University found that 70 per cent of people could predict the outcome of an election by studying a clip of the political candidates – when that clip was less than a second long.In short, we decide how we feel about people before they open their mouths."First impressions count for our gorgeous singles," says My Single founder Sarah Beeny.When you make eye contact with someone, you seem more confident and more intelligent.When you greet your date, smile, say hello and hold their gaze for a moment – and you’ll have their undivided attention for the duration of the date.My Single user Polly is seeing someone she met on the site, and says: “He stood out from the moment I met him, because he was the only person in the bar who was looking up, and observing what was going on around him."Everyone else I could see was staring at a phone.”Do bring your phone with you, and let your friends know how the date is going – it’s a useful safety tool.But do wait to do this until either you or your date has gone to the loo.

I will be your host and wing woman at the table, to ensure that introductions are made, conversation flows, and to share the culinary experience I have created with the restaurant, just for you. I will then check to ensure the feeling is mutual, and facilitate a connection… I myself have been married, divorced, had more dates than I care to mention, and have also been blessed with some really special relationships along the way.

Dress well - and steer clear of slogans It’s important to pick an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, but you need to consider the comfort of your date, too.

My Single user Emily, 42 said that she was put off one potential partner because he was wearing a t shirt with a “No Fear” logo.“I see those shirts all the time, but in that slightly pressured scenario, I couldn’t stop focusing on the word ‘fear’ which reminded me of my nerves!

No-one has ever sat alone in a cafe or restaurant, looking at their watch and thinking that the person they are waiting for is incredibly stylish.

Dates are especially nerve wracking, and if you make sure that you’re on time, or even five minutes early, you’re sending out an immediate signal of respect.

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