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We are often contacted by men, who have been scammed by con artists, pretending to be single women. It depends on the measures the scammer has taken (or not taken) to hide his identity.

It also depends on how far the scam has progressed and whether or not the scammer is aware that you are on to him or her.

The victim in this matter has agreed to allow our publication of these documents in the hope that a future victim will be warned in time.

Our ability to help needs to be assessed on a case by case basis.

By then, Morrison knew she was dealing with a scammer.

"The story was getting more and more bizarre," she says.

Rosy Chinen, from the Chinese Immigration department in Guangdong province of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). She is currently being held and detained under the Chinese labor law for breach of employment contract.

This is a serious offense in the People’s Republic of China and punishable by law but however investigations are being carried out and we shall notify you immediately if there is any development on this issue.

He sends the man a copy of the ticket, with a confirmation number… Here are some actual examples of fake identification documents.When the woman is scheduled to travel to meet the man, she calls and says that she has been detained at the Guangzhou airport, usually for an immigration related issue, or because she was under contract to work as a domestic servant for a Chinese family and is trying to leave before the contract expires. He asks for more money to help the girl get out of jail.Usually, it is around this time that the victim contacts us to see if he is being scammed or not.And get back to us as soon as you can if you know this young lady as she clam that she is traveling to meet you. Ms Rosy Chine Immigration Service Department Immigration Tower, Huale Mansion, Shenzhen, China.518000 There are many variations on this scam.The common denominators of this scam are the involvement of a foreign girl and the location – Shenzhen / Guangzhou.

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