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Obsession: When a Narcissist has found a new target he is a man obsessed. Contempt: Narcissists hate people and all of humanity for that matter.They hate the objects of their obsession and they hate themselves for being dependent on the supply they provide.The dominant feelings found in a Narcissist are as follows: Anger: This is generally the default setting on the Narcissists emotional scale. The ifs and whens are not consistent, so you never know when it’s coming, or the level he will take it to.He is a projector and likes to pass off his feelings onto others.Understanding how the enemy thinks and feels is one thing, but when you apply that to various approaches, you will see why any action you take is futile: Reason: How do you reason with someone that twists the facts and has an aversion to the truth? They minimize, rationalize and distort their involvement.When they have behaved badly, you can bet they’ve found a reason or a hundred that it’s entirely your fault.Boredom: Narcissists have a very low tolerance for routine.He quickly develops a tolerance to people and objects and his head is on a constant swivel looking for anything, or anyone shiny and new, that will generate a new thrill. He becomes consumed, thinking about it night and day, working himself into a fevered pitch, until of course he grows a tolerance to it and boredom sets in.

How they’ve made you feel is completely irrelevant to them.They would rather be alone and avoid humanity all together, but their incessant need for attention and admiration makes that impossible.To the Narcissists sense of grandiosity we are all objects, whose sole purpose is to provide him with amusement and adulation.Your enemy is a predator, he feeds off of the emotions and kindness of those closest to him. He is disconnected from his emotions, feels a sense of entitlement and has an impaired ability to feel remorse or guilt. Every demonstration is superficial and short lived.He has learned to adapt by mimicking the emotions of others whenever necessary.

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