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Click on it, though, and things get more interesting.Now you can upload a family photo or even crowd around the webcam (if you have one) and take a picture then and there.To fly completely under the radar, choose "Private." That way, the group won't show up in a Facebook search and nobody but members will be able to see it — the group name won't even show up in your profile.Now just click "Create" and — voilà — your family has an online home!And remember, you can change any of these choices after the group is created.The icon is a little picture that shows up next to the group name in listings. When choosing a name, you're allowed to duplicate one that's already in use, but you might want to come up with something distinctive if you want family members to find it by searching.Click "Create Group" and a box pops up asking you to name the group, choose an icon, add members and set the group's overall privacy level.Let's take a moment to explore each of these tasks.

If you still don't see the link, just go to Facebook.com/groups.

Now that photo will be the face of the group, much like the Profile Picture in your personal Facebook account.

Another feature worth setting up is a group email address (you'll find this option under "Edit Group").

Another intriguing option is creating group documents, which everyone can work on together. Create a group document and invite everyone to kick in their favorites.

You don't have to look far to find the "Create Group" option.

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