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It boasts one of the best educational libraries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Morphological study of representative Materials Of Earth Description . Basic principles of prospecting and exploration Stages criteria and prospecting guides.

Different departments in the Faculty are currently establishing viable and up-to-date libraries. Composition of the earth distribution of chemical elements and isotopes. Nature and classification of common igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Introduction to ecology definition of ecology; ecological terminology and concepts; introduction to ecosystems, the physical and chemical environment.

The library is also networking with libraries from recognized international institutions of higher learning, thus enabling students to access relevant up to date academic literature as fresh as shown through internet. Nature, origin, occurrence, distribution, production and uses. Energy resources; oil, gas, coal and geothermal resources. A combination of theory, field and laboratory work on elements of field surveying and plane tabling; airphoto interpretation of topographical and geological features; methods and techniques of geological field observations and interpretations. Chemical dispersion of pollutants, pollution and health. Construction materials and their properties, site investigation, geology of reservoirs, dam sites, tunnels, open excavations and foundations.

The Faculty of Education is housed in the College of Education and External Studies in a serene scenic environment 21Km northwest of Nairobi. Outstanding events in the evolution of living things. Geological Mineral Exploration And Mining Description .

Metric spaces, examples of metric spaces; neighbourhood, interior points; limits points, open and closed subsets; relatively open and closed subset; dense subsets; compact subsets. Reproduction morphology; the male and female gametophytes. Endosperm developed and applied embryology, Organogenesis, development, differentiation and structure in the shoot and root apex. Separation techniques, pricipiation solvent extraction and various chromatographic techniques (paper thin layer, partition, absorption, ion exchange exclusion-gel permeation and filtration electrophoresis), gas, liquid and high performance liquid chromato Organic Chemistry 9 (applied Organic Chemistry) Description .

It has adequate lecture and laboratory facilities and a well stocked library with the latest collection of books and journals. Classification and mode of formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic minerals. Documentation of mine w Environmental Geology Description . Pollution and its effect on the life-support systems. The collision theory and unimolecular reactions; the transition state and the steady state approximation theory of reaction rates; complex reactions Inorganic Chemistry 5 (transition Elements And Organometallic Chemistry) Description . Solutions near regular singular po Algebra Ii Description . Continuity, continuity and compactness; uniform continuity; completeness i Probability And Statistics Ii Description . Polymerisation free radical, ionic and condensation mechanisms. Synthetic polymers manufacture and use of polymer mouldings, wood products petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and dyestuffs Physical Chemistry 7 (further Chemical Kinetics And Electrochemistry) Description . The College of Education and External Studies is also proud to have several extra regional centres conveniently located in major towns in the country. Analytical and synthetic characteristics of plant communities. Structure and function of grasslands, bushlands, and zones, seco Gymnosperm And Angiosperm Taxonomy Description . Second law of thermodynamics; spontaneous processes; carnot cycle; entropy; entropy change in a versible cycle; entropy of irreversible change entropy change of an ideal gas entropy and change of state. Free ener Inorganic Chemistry 3 (thoery Of Spectroscopic Methods) Description . These centres are well equipped with teaching and learning materials. The general principles of microbiology organization and structures of microorganism. Significance of taxonomy and its relationship with other botanical disciplines. The electromagnetic spectrum, general introduction to spectroscopy, rotational, infra-red and Raman spectroscopy, electronic spectra of atoms and molecules, fluorescence and phosphorescence, atomic absorption, spin resonance spectra.

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