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She says that of the nearly 2,000 cycles performed at the hospital since 2005, only 167 have been thawed, resulting in 39 babies, with 15 more on the way from recent conceptions.

If a guy isn't cool with it, then he's not an open enough person for me."Melanie Bradshaw, 39, a medical practice development manager from Alexandria, Virginia, also uses it to vet dates, specifically to gauge the depth of their desire to have children. Not only should freezers tell, but journalist Pooja Bhatia went so far as to argue that foot-dragging partners should do the decent thing and help pay for the procedure. ' It sort of killed the mood."And Anita, 40, a physician from Philadelphia who froze her eggs a couple of years ago, has adopted a strict "need to know" policy after she turned off a guy whom she'd been dating for a couple of months.One man replied, "Well, tick-tock, tick-tock," and torpedoed the date. Studies show that women feel more "empowered" after freezing their eggs, and the recent decisions by Facebook and Apple to offer the procedure as a corporate perk have given what used to be considered a sad, hushed act a certain cool factor.Yet when and how do you tell a potential partner you've frozen?But some patients don't come back for years, or at all.Brooke Hodes-Wertz, MD, is a fertility specialist at New York University Langone Medical Center who is conducting a follow-up study of egg-freezing patients.

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But Shelley, 34, a nurse practitioner from Manhattan, said her boyfriend of six months was supportive rather than distrustful. Even if we did end up together, I didn't want to rush into having kids. As for her new love interest, she'll tell him when and if they have a serious discussion about starting a family.

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