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Allusion has already been made to the tradition of the Jews, accepted by many Fathers of the Church, which states that he was made a eunuch in Babylon.

Other Jewish traditions represent him as refusing divine honours profferred to him by Nabuchodonosor ; they explain the reason why he was not forced with his three friends to worship that prince's statue in the plain of Dura (Dan., iii), he had been sent away by the king, who wanted to spare Daniel's life, for he knew full well that the prophet would never agree to commit such an act of idolatry ; they give many fanciful details, as for instance concerning what happened to Daniel in the lions' den.

The writer of the First Book fo the Machabees (ii, 60) refers to his deliverance out of the mouth of the lions, and St.

In the deuterocanonical appendix to his book (xiii-xiv), Daniel reappears in the same general character as in the first part of his work (i-vi).

Chapter xiii sets him forth as an inspired youth whose superior wisdom puts to shame and secures the punishment of the false accusers of the chaste Susanna.

Such, in substance, are the facts which may be gathered for a biography of the Prophet Daniel from the narrative portion of his book (i-vi).

Hardly any other facts are contributed to this biography from the second, and more distinctly apocalyptic, portion of the same work (vii-xii).

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  1. (See the 1983 [current] , canons 1124-1129 on “Mixed Marriages” for the full text.) But suppose the non-Catholic party insists that the children will not be raised Catholic?