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The difference with Strauss is the assumption that he has lived the life he advertises.All the mystery of his Method is mirrored by the mysteries of his life. How did he get Jenna Jameson to open up to a stranger in such detail?The most shocking news about Neil Strauss is his latest announcement – he is retiring.According to his website, Neil Strauss.com, he is prepared to release most of his method for free to members of his VIP mailing list, and “once this knowledge is revealed, Neil Strauss — arguably the most successful pick-up artist in modern times — will disappear from the seduction scene… ” Let’s take a closer look at Strauss’ method – what we can learn of it, that is.

Rumors abound – Neil Strauss interviews The Strokes for over a week, hanging out with them at all times, engaging in all sorts of illicit behaviors.In this book, Strauss relates advice and information on seduction in yet another unique way – by telling stories.Often humorous, often scary, always dirty and usually featuring more than its share of braggadocio, the book was on the top of every bestseller list in the country, including Amazon.com, for months.This group of students went on to feature some stars of its own, including one student who released the controversial “How to Fuck Strippers” book in 2007.This emphasis placed on releasing information to a small amount of consumers is a unique idea in the world in which Neil Strauss operates.

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