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Clear, fresh skin, shiny eyes, youthful plump lips, a cold nose (or is that just dogs?) - a healthy-looking face like that tends to come attached to a body which is bursting to conceive.Sex obsessed creatures which we are, anything which reminds us of sex usually gets us going.A female with full, glossy, red lips is a turn-on because her lips mimic what (he fantasises anyway) is hopefully happening elsewhere: the vagina also 'plumps', moistens and darkens in colour when aroused.

Lesson: Feel zero guilt when spending up big on lipgloss and load it on.

(Which supports my own personal theory that the more attractive (aka symmetrical) you are, the more opportunities you have had to have sex and the higher your sexual scorecard.

So all you smug bastards who look wide-eyed when asked and say, 'I've only ever had three' could effectively be saying, 'Only three people have asked me'.) Lesson: Wear matching socks. • You look like your genitals Err, perhaps I'd better explain this one properly.

After all, what's sexy to one person is 'Are you kidding? I'm not entirely sure whether it makes me sad, hopeful or a resourceful workaholic (it's my job, after all, to work with potential), but I can usually find something sexy about practically every person I meet.

Instead, I got seduced by the sight of a man who sauntered up the street toward me.

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