Dating vintage fender speakers

In some cases we want more power and headroom, particularly in small single speaker amps like the Princeton Reverb and the Deluxe Reverb who were poorly equipped from the Fender factory (it is a big shame that the Jensen C12n never was installed in the blackface Deluxe Reverb).

In bigger, multiple speaker amps we often like speakers with lower power handling and less efficiency because the amps are more than loud enough and we want some tone out of them by turning the volume up (it’s all about playing in the sweet spot).

A low power speaker will have better transparency, efficiency, sustain and speaker weight.

The amp has a huge bottom end and a slightly edgy Fender 6L6 push-pull (class AB) cranked tone. Another example is a bright jazzmaster with bridge and neck pickup combined for some jangly surf tone, through a big clean amp like a Pro Reverb, Super Reverb or Twin Reverb with lots of reverb.There are of course exceptions to our preference of American speakers.One is a heavily cranked amp with a bright single coil guitar.Modern speakers produced today have improved since the 60’s in terms of efficiency, robustness and clarity.Swapping speakers is the most effective change you possibly do to change the tone of your amp, and is also a recommended move to all vintage amp owners who plan to gig heavily with their amps.

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In this case we prefer darker sounding speakers than the typical American Jensen C12n-style.

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