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Their spell as a golden couple of country ended in divorce.

When a new user signs up to the site, they are asked for their basic information as well as a picture of themselves.

Australians are fairly well known for their incredible ability to give everyone (and everything) a nickname.

But there are some everyday phrases we take for granted in Oz that really don’t translate in the U. And, after getting our fair share of strange looks from you guys, we feel these are some common phrases you should get familiar with.

For example, “I’m across that project.” or “Peter is across it.” 4.

I’m across it: Usually used at work to tell someone you’ve got it covered.

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  1. The title does not imply that the book was in its final canonical form in the days of Solomon; the men of Hezekiah added a collection of Solomonic proverbs to the existing form of the book (Pr 25:1-).