Dating as a adolescence

At the age that most teenagers are concerned with acne, popularity, grades, and dates, teens with autism may become painfully aware that they are different from their peers. And unlike their schoolmates, they aren't dating or planning for a career. Often times seizures are noticeable and associated with convulsions.

During middle adolescence, youth begin to date more formally, and ‘couple up.’ Youth in this stage prefer to interact one-on-one rather than in a large, mixed gender group.Look for the next installment of this series which will focus on the benefits and risks associated with adolescent dating.Autism and adolescence can be a time of stress and confusion; as it is for typically developing teens."This study shows that the social and interpersonal skills of autistic adolescents can be improved, and we established that our method is efficient and does not require significant resources," said Dr.Fombonne, Head of Child Psychiatry at Mc Gill University Health Centre.

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They wanted to address the needs of autistic adolescents who had no major delay in their language development or who were not cognitively challenged (high-functioning autism and Asperger syndrome).

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