Dating and marriage in tajikistan what is the difference between carbon dating and thermoluminescence

The crown shows a royal house, and the stars represent friendship between nationalities, class, unity, and Islam. Before the Soviet era, the Republic of Tajikistan experienced population changes that brought political and cultural influences from Asia and the Middle East.

The conquests of Alexander the Great in the fourth century ), the Persian language and culture and the Zoroastrian religion spread throughout the region. By the ninth century, it was the prevalent religion.

In the first years after independence many non-Central Asian peoples emigrated because of the establishment of Tajiki as the official language, dissatisfaction with the standard of living, and fear of political violence. Tajiki, which is closely related to Farsi, is the most widely used language.The lack of leadership from the Islamic hierarchy allowed fundamentalists to proliferate after independence, and the revival of ancient traditions in the Fergana Valley could lead to conflict with the neighboring countries.However, tribal loyalties, Western cultural influences, and the growth of a free-market economy have militated against such movements.The Tajik people are of ethnic Persian descent and constitute the largest indigenous group in the country (about 65 percent of the population).Within this group are the Pamiris, who live in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province and number nearly forty thousand.

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